The Last Shooter

Based on the idea of ​​Nikola Burovac, the screenplay for the movie "The Last Shooter" was written by our prominent novelist Branislav Janković from Niš. "The Last Shooter" is an action thriller with a strong dramatic story of the main character Inspector Kuruzović, played by Nenad Jezdić. After the death of his beloved wife, Inspector Kuruzović realizes the how meaningless his life his, he spends his days reading books with his dog Čeda, until the moment his old enemy Atanasije (Duško Jakišić), a well-known criminal from Balkan who was involved in the murder of Kuruzović's wife, appears. And that is where the action begins, led by Mr. Baltazarević (Miloš Timotijević). Directed by Goran Nikolić.

The film is currently being filmed. The premiere is expected in the autumn of 2023.

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