Film & TV Producer

Nikola Burovac, TV & film producer born on june.6.1981 in Belgrade, Founder & owner of Film Plus Pictures production, Prva TV & B92 leading production, owner & co-founder of Innovative production.

He began his successful career with a play "Tavern Balkan" directed by Irfan Mensur, with Marko Nikolić, champion of the National Theater as the leading role.

The following project was the "El boheme" sitcom, with Petar Božović and Voja Brajović.

The TV series, comedy with Seka Sablić "Three men and aunt", directed by the award-winning director Pavel Vučković with 150 episodes, became the ultimate hit throughout the region.

He also worked on the comedy "Don Gilić" with the legendary Milan Lane Gutović.

He holds the television record in the region with his most successful telenovela "Game of Destiny", which is broadcast on TV Prva and produced over 1000 episodes.

His upcoming films "The Last Shooter", an action thriller with Ljubomir Bandović, as well as the psychological thriller "Skela", which is set in a women's prison, are his most anticipated upcoming projects.

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