"Skela" is the first film in the region whose plot is set inside a women's prison. The film depicts the prisoners relationship towards the fact that they are in prison, in a confined space, and as such represents a realistic and direct depiction of life inside a prison cell and a deep understanding of life without freedom. The movie "Skela" represents the voice of female prisoners, their complex relationships between and aims at making our justice system to think about the conditions inside a correctional units and take action. Skela is a socially engaged film, a tense, mystical psycho thriller.

The script is written by Maja Todorović, who also worked on famous Serbian movies "Ajvar" and "Toma", and the movie is directed by Milan Karadžić and Tea Puharić. Milica Janevski, Aleksandar Belošević, Ana Franić, Jelica Kovačević, Nataša Ninković will be among the main cast. Filming will begin in January 2023.

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